Chicken Curry Cut Without Skin 500 g + Rohu Fish Large Curry Cut 500 g, Combo 2 Items



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One of the most versatile and beloved poultry species because of its tender and juicy meat.
Chicken is a culinary staple in many cuisines and offers a wide range of delicious dishes.
The mild flavor of this meat complements a wide variety of other ingredients and spices
whether it is grilled, roasted, fried, or used in soups.
A healthy choice for any meal, chicken is packed with essential nutrients and lean protein.
The versatile chicken continues to be a favorite ingredient that satisfies taste buds around
the world, whether it is in classic comfort foods such as chicken soup or exotic dishes from
around the globe.

Rohu Fish 
Rohu fish has an exquisite flavor! There is no doubt that this freshwater delicacy is a favorite
among those who enjoy seafood. The Rohu fish offers a delightful culinary experience due to
its tender flesh and distinctive taste.
This food contains a variety of essential nutrients and Omega-3 fatty acids, and it also
provides a variety of health benefits. The Rohu fish adapts well to a variety of cooking styles,
providing satisfying taste experiences for every bite whether it is grilled, fried, or curried.

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Chicken 500 g + Fish 500 g


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